Shannan Ponton

Fitness expert Shannan Ponton has trained some of Australia’s elite athletes and professional sporting teams. He realised the indiscriminate nature of cancer after a shock melanoma diagnosis.

“I was on holiday in Bali when my wife noticed a strange looking mole on the back of my leg. After having it checked the doctor removed it and tests later showed it was a melanoma.”

“The news was an unbelievable shock. Since then I’ve decided to support Cancer Council. Through this work I’ve met so many inspiring people who have been affected by cancer and their stories continue to remind me why this is such an important cause.”

“Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is a great way for everyone to get together to help Cancer Council. Their work is so wide ranging, including support programs like 13 11 20 - which is a number people can call for free information and advice about cancer.” 

“This year, I’m on board to encourage as many Aussies as possible to register to host their very own morning tea. It could be at home, in your workplace or you could even use it as an excuse to get the local community together.”