Iman and Hala

Everyone working together to make a difference

Library Technician Iman has been hosting Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at the Australian International Academy Primary School, a leading Muslim school, since 2007.

In her first year Iman catered for about 70 staff members by herself, setting everything up the night before.

“The first morning tea I waited until all the staff had gone home for the day,” she said. “I carefully decorated the entire staffroom with streamers and balloons, and put up a large poster.”

“Then in 2013, together with a parent volunteer Ms Hala Faraj, we decided to make toast for the whole school of about 550 staff and students,” she recalled, “but we had so many toasters going that we short circuited the power board!”

The following year they were better prepared, asking for help and donations and getting everyone involved, staff and students alike.

“We asked each staff member to bring a small plate to share,” she said. “We set up the donation box from the host kit in the staff room and students bring gold coin donations to cover the costs of catering.”

“I love the feeling of participation, community, and getting together with others for a good cause,” Iman said.

Iman’s family has a long history of bowel cancer and she hosts Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to help those affected by cancer in her own way.

“It gives me hope that I can contribute and help give comfort to people experiencing cancer,” she said. “I know I’m participating in an event that will make a difference, no matter how big or small.”