In Louise’s coastal community, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is about supporting the people around them.

Louise has lost many family members to cancer, but when her cousin’s husband and close friend passed away, she decided to host an Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea at her community centre with the help of Coast Community Connections

“My friend Cheryl, a cancer survivor, and I were talking and said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that for cancer’,” she shared.

So they did. Their first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea was held in 2012. What started out to be a small event with 30 people, ended up growing exponentially to host 200 people!

“It’s easy,” said Louise. “You have a meal and that gets people talking and helping each other. Cancer is so close to home and so many people are affected by it. It’s about getting a community together from all walks of life to raise funds for cancer.

When planning, Louise always encourages those within the community to volunteer to support the event. “We have a planning committee and each year I put up a sign saying ‘Anyone interested in getting involved?’ I accept everybody as it makes them feel valued.”

Then the committee gets the word out. People start inquiring early and look forward to the event every year.

“I get so inspired by the generosity of our community,” shared Louise. “Everyone gets in the spirit and they come together. The reason you’re there that day is to raise funds for cancer, so Cancer Council can provide services to people in our local areas. It’s wonderful. Everyone feels like they are making a difference.”