How to Host a Healthy Morning Tea

Here are some healthy alternatives for some fun morning tea ideas:

1.Make your own stations: These are great because everyone can build a meal how they want it. Fill the station with healthy ingredients, such as a selection of vegetables, lean meats, nuts and low-fat sauces. For example:

- Pre-cut vegetables & Dip station – cut up carrot, capsicum, broccoli and green beans into long bite size strips and mix and match with a vegie dip like guacamole or salsa. Use in season produce which are bursting with flavour and at is most affordable.

- Noodle station: e.g. fresh noodles, salad leaves, grated carrot, capsicum strips, mint, coriander, bean sprouts, shredded chicken, chili and nuts.

- Salad on a stick station: Think of your favourite salad on a skewer!

Greek style – Cucumber, tomato, red onion and feta cheese

Potato salad – cooked and cubed potato, egg, green beans

Summer fav – watermelon, mint and feta cubes

Fruit fiesta – strawberries, green grapes and pineapple

3. Fruit & Veg Servers: Use fruit and veg as a quirky way to serve your food. Halved capsicum, mini cucumber cups and de-stalked mushroom can be filled with couscous salad, salsa, dips etc.

4. Refreshments: Always have water out for your guests. To make it a little more fun, try still or sparkling water infused with sliced fruit or vegetables, for example lemons, limes, oranges or cucumbers

5. Wrap Platters: Instead of the usual sandwich platter, try wraps. Include vegies, lean meat and fish wraps with a mix of salad and veg combinations added with the fillings. Cut wraps into small portions before serving

These small tweaks can help present a healthy menu for your event and can leave your guests feeling satisfied and avoid the post-morning tea slump.