Fundraising Tips


No two morning teas are the same, and sometimes, the things you do to make it special are talked about just as much as the tea and treats. Get the mix right, and guests will be more than happy to dig deep for charity.

From promoting your event, to creating unique money-making ideas, here are some ways to get people involved, and get the donations rolling in.

1. Set up your online fundraising page

Your personal fundraising page makes it easy for you to promote your event, keep track of your fundraising progress and for people to donate.

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2. Make it easy for people to give

Be clear on your invite how your guests can donate to your morning tea and how much you suggest they contribute. They can donate:

• Online at any time via your fundraising page link.

• By putting cash in your donations box on the day.

• Via our fundraising app-by entering their donations straight into your mobile device at your event.

And remember, they can donate even if they can’t attend.

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3. Get support from local businesses, your own company or school

  • Ask local businesses if they would like to sponsor your tea. You could include their posters or flyers at your event in return for a donation.
  • If they can’t donate cash, ask for a product or service you can include in a raffle or auction.
  • Ask local businesses if they can put up a poster in their window promoting your event.
  • If you’re holding your morning tea at your workplace, ask management if they can contribute anything to a raffle or auction- anything from company merchandise to a paid day off work.
  • If your company supports workplace giving, talk to your manager about the possibility of allowing staff to make a one-off payroll donation to support the event.
  • Ask your employer if they can dollar match the amount of money you raise. 

4. Check your progress

Be sure to check your progress by logging in to your online fundraising page. If people aren’t donating, send them a polite reminder.

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5. Use social media

Social media is perfect for events like this. Set up an event page on Facebook to promote your tea, manage invitations and numbers, and get people excited  about what’s to come. It will also make it easier to share photos on the day and fundraising updates after the event.

Make the most of Twitter and Instagram too, especially if you’re putting a lot of work into your visual presentation. Just be sure to use the hashtag #biggestmorningtea. 

6. Use local media

  • If you’re holding a larger event that’s open to the public, approach local radio and newspapers to see if they can help promote your morning tea.
  • The media might be interested if you have a quirky theme, a landmark venue, a personal cancer story to share or some amazing raffle or auction prizes to give away.

7. Encourage participation

Make sure everyone feels a part of your tea by encouraging them to bring a tasty treat, help out, or simply share a smile and chat with guests they might not know. If your guests are bringing kids, make sure you have some child-friendly treats, and some toys and games to keep them entertained.


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