On the day of the event

Your checklist for the big day

At last, all your planning is about to pay off and you get to enjoy some delicious treats with your nearest and dearest, workmates or friends. This checklist should help make sure you don’t forget anything:

Set up: As soon as you can access your venue, set up your cups, tea, milk, food, plates, napkins and forks or spoons.

Decorate: If you’ve bought special decorations or are using the posters or bunting from your host kit or our downloadable resources, go crazy and make the room look great. Don’t forget to put your donation box from your host kit somewhere prominent where people will see it.

Guests: As people arrive, welcome them, thank them for any plates of food they bring and collect an entry fee (it’s a good idea to let people know how much you’re asking for in your invite so they can come along with cash).

Donations: If people don’t have cash or want to donate a bigger amount, have your fundraising page open on your laptop to capture their donation there and then.

Motivate: You could now show the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea video to kick things off and get everyone motivated before they tuck into the treats!

Games: Direct your colleagues or family and friends to help you hold any auctions, raffles, quizzes, cake judging or other activities you’ve been planning. 

Enjoy: Enjoy a cup of tea and a slice!

Say thanks: Thank everyone for coming and let them know how much you raised.


Download a copy of this checklist here.