Planning your event

Planning your tea: a step by step guide

So where do you start? Simple. Right here. Whether you’re a first-timer, or a seasoned morning tea pro, here are some pointers to help make being a host a breeze. You can also download a copy of the planning checklist here.


1. Get your boss on board

Having support from someone senior in your company is a great way to get everyone behind your fundraising.  If they’re up for it, getting your boss to push a trolley of treats around the workplace will also raise plenty of smiles – and cash.

2. Focus on fundraising & set a target

While fun should be high on the agenda, it’s important to remember the ultimate goal is to raise vital funds. So set a target and think about how you’ll raise money. Will you charge an entry fee, or tempt your guests with an appetising range of treats? Running a raffle or auction, or selling entry tickets into contests are great ways to raise funds.

3. Match funding

Ask your boss if the company would consider supporting your efforts by matching the funds you raise. It’s also a good idea to remind them that company donations are tax deductible.

4. Be strategic

Time your tea for when people are most likely to feel peckish and need refreshment. Late morning is a great time to offer people a welcome distraction and some tasty treats. Bring some containers or zip-lock bags along,  and people can buy yummy food to save for later, or take home and share with their family too.

5. Share your event page 

Be sure to share your online fundraising page with your colleagues, so you can start collecting donations before your event.  It’s the easiest way to collect money, and even people who can’t make the event can chip in.  


1. Boost the numbers

Ask your guests to bring a friend or two. It’s a great way to boost your fundraising total. Remember – double the guests, and double your donations.

2. Make it memorable

Suggest guests make and bring along their favourite dishes or cakes to share and send you the recipe in advance. You can put the recipes together in a special book, and offer it to guests for a small donation, so they can recreate what they enjoy on the day.

3. Get creative

Why settle for just serving tea, when there are so many more simple and fun ways to engage your guests and raise funds. You could pick a theme to design your activities around, invite your friends to go head to head in a competitive bake off (blind tasting works best for these) or raffle off the best cake at the end of the day (a prize draw is a great way to make people hang around).

4. Have plenty for sale

The more choice people have, the more likely they are to want to try everything – which makes it even easier for you to reach your fundraising goal. Along with a wide range of teas and cakes, why not include some healthy options like tumblers of fruit and yoghurt, or vegetable sticks and dips, for those who are really hungry. Don’t forget to order some official merchandise to sell too.

5. Keep sharing your event page 

From inviting guests, to sharing photos and stories of your event with them afterwards, your event page is the heart of your fundraising, so share it early, and share it often!


1. Get a team together

Ask around and see who’s up for lending a hand. It’s a great way to grow your networks and tap into a diverse range of skills that can be put to great use in organising, promoting and running your morning tea.

2. Talk to local businesses

Local businesses play a big part in any community, so many are happy to help out with events like these. Ask some of yours if they’d like to help out by putting a poster up for your event, donating a prize or even being a sponsor.

3. Promote your event

If your community event is open to all, then promote it to get as many people coming as possible. Put posters and flyers in prominent places (with the property owner's consent). You can also talk to your local paper or radio station and see if they’d be interested in promoting your event – the more creative your event, the better your chances of being featured. For posters and press release templates click here.

4. Keep guests entertained

The longer people stay at your event, the more money you’re likely to raise. Keep guests engaged with a range of activities, games and competitions throughout your tea, charging a small fee to take part.

5. Share stories

Share personal stories with your guest and let them know why you are hosting a morning tea. Then share the stories of your tea with us using #biggestmorningtea!