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Those impacted by cancer need your help now more than ever.

This is a really difficult time for all of us, as COVID-19 continues to affect our daily lives. But it’s especially hard for people with cancer.

Providing ongoing vital support to all Australians impacted by cancer is critical.

So please register now to host your Biggest Morning Tea in 2020!

Whether it's a virtual morning tea with your colleagues online, or a catch up and cuppa with a couple of close friends and family, every dollar you raise will help fund Cancer Council’s life-saving research, prevention, support programs and information.

Register to Host a tea 


1. Register to host

We'll send or email you a free host kit to make things easy-teasy.

2. Plan your tea

Choose a date, decide if you will do a virtual event or a small gathering and send out invites before you start planning the fun details.

3. Have fun and raise funds!

Have a tea-riffic time and raise funds for people impacted by cancer.


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