Top Tips

How to make your
BIGGEST morning tea a success

Your morning tea should be as fun and stress-free for you as it is for your guests, so here are some top tips to help you plan:

Start with a pinch of preparation...

First, decide what kind of morning tea you’d like to host. Will it be with friends and family, your colleagues or your community group? Will it be a fancy affair or a low-key catch up over a cuppa? A picnic in the park or an indoor gathering? Whatever you decide, it’s important to get your invites out in plenty of time. We all know how busy people can get! To make it easy, we’ve got some great invitations for you to use.

Add a dash of inspiration...

Each morning tea is as unique as the stories behind it, so let your guests know the why of your morning tea. Whether this be your own personal cancer story, that of a loved one, or the staggering fact that 1 in 2 of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. 

And as it's your morning tea to host any way you like, make it personal by adding your own special touch to some fun activities or dreaming up a sweet theme! You’ll find plenty of fun games and ideas online on our website. People love having a good time for a great cause, so do things that everyone can get involved in.

Stir in a big dollop of delicious...

Whether it’s a full-on royal luncheon or a simple tray of scones, no morning tea is complete without tasty treats. Stuck for what to serve? Use a cherished family recipe to make it personal or you’ll find some delicious tried and true contenders on our recipes page. To make things easy, ask each guest to bring their favourite morning tea treat! 

A splash of decoration...

Nothing says ‘FUN’ like decorations. Use the posters and bunting from your host kit or online, pop on a nice tablecloth, and get people to dress up! You could even play some fun music to set the scene. If you’re hosting virtually, put up some bunting on the wall behind you.

You're ready to spread the word!

No matter how you’re hosting, make sure to share your fundraising page with friends and family via social media, asking everyone for donations - even if they’re unable to attend. Your morning tea is doing something incredible to help people impacted by cancer, so be proud and shout it from the rooftops! You might even inspire someone else to have their own morning tea, meaning you’ll be making an even bigger impact.

Help bring us closer to a cancer free future