Don and Marian's 16th Annual Biggest Morning Tea

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Hosting my 16th year

In honour of People impacted by cancer

Don and Marian's 16th Annual Cancer Council Fundraiser "Biggest Morning Tea"

Don and I are once again hosting our "Biggest Morning Tea" with the support of the Swan Yacht Club East Fremantle to help the Cancer Council (a non government funded organisation) raise vital funds for people impacted by Cancer- Its a great community event which  Don and I support as we know only too well the heartache a Cancer diagnosis brings,  both as Patient and as Carer.  Don was diagnosed in 2003 with a deadly skin cancer, requiring extensive surgery of head and neck followed by chemo and radiation. This was only the beginning as the years in between have been a continuing round of surgery, and radiation to head, neck, face, back and limbs, and have required removal of part of his ear and eardrum, scalp, shoulder, parotid gland and rh Jugular vein. His eye doesn't shut due to nerve damage and he has a gold weight in his eye lid to  help it close at night. He has suffered disfigurement, pain, depression, loss of a lifestyle he loved, and the financial hardships that come with this diagnosis.  Although his voice is slowly going he is an amazingly strong and tenacious man and has spent the years helping other people deal with Cancer issues. Then In 2018  I myself was diagnosed with advanced Endometrial Cancer- and the Carer became the Patient. I went through surgery with many complications and numerous hospital trips, followed by chemo, loss of hair (which didn't bother me (we became known as the bandana twins!) and radiation. At the same time Don was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer of the abdomen. We were in a bit of a mess with Don having treatment in one hospital and myself in another. But with the support of wonderful friends, family and The Cancer Council we muddled through. By the end of 2020 we were both feeling pretty good, and I thought I'd beaten it, ony to be told it had returned and was inoperable. 2021 is a bit of a blur of 2 different types of chemo combined with radiation over many months. I didn't deal well with the treatments and finished them off in the Cancer Ward of St John of God's hospital,  going in just a week after last years BMT, where I stayed for over a month dealing with the many side effects. It took me months to get my strength and mojo back. I don't think we will ever be the same, Don was going through his own surgeries, and we could hardly look after ourselves let alone each other..But its a new year and I'm feeling really well and enjoying life again. (as much as one can when a loved one is going through so much) as Don is not so fortunate and his treatment is ongoing. We decided the BMT must go on as we, and the 150,000  other Australians diagnosed every year have benefited from the Cancer Councils never ending work. We personally using their support programmes, and Don having lifesaving Immunotherapy. The Cancer Council has invested over $288 million into Cancer research over the past six years, and has amazing Support and Prevention programmes. Thanks to all of you who have attended our BMT's over the past 15yrs. Between us  we have raised in excess of $62,000.  Last year some of this money went into a grant in Don and my name, for a Postdoctral research Fellowship. This couldn't happen without your donations of money and goods, for raffles and auctions, The yummy morning tea which guests provide, the SYC for providing the Venue, Tea, Coffee and help, the wonderful ladies in BMT Aprons who work so hard on the day, and the auctioneers and runners. It all adds up to a really great, fun, Community based morning, So come along if you can, we all know everyone is struggling with supporting so many different causes and we are living with COVID,  so we would be very gratefull if  at this time you could support this wonderful cause. Either by a monetary donation, or goods and services for the auction and raffles. Cancer does not discriminate, old young, even babies, rich or poor. Cancer does not sleep, nor does the Cancer Council, you never know when you may need them.

See you Thursday 19th May at 9.30am at Swan Yacht Club. ENTRY $10 PLUS SMALL PLATE OF FOOD.            BRING CASH FOR RAFFLES AND AUCTION,     great prizes to be won 


So far this year I've helped provide:


Kids with a SunSmart education


Calls to trained cancer professionals on 13 11 20


Days of a PhD student's world-class research

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Thursday 19 May 2022

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Thank you to our Supporters


Marian Byfield


Marian Byfield


Julie Barrington .j

Sorry I couldn’t make the biggest morning tea mass and done I’m glad it was a success though. You’re both a pair of legends. I have donated instead.


Sarah O'sullivan

Hope this money helps in some small way to continue the fight against cancer . I've had various family members and friends endue the cancer ride - my mum died of breast cancer 23 years ago and I continue to donate to Breast Cancer but happy to donate to any cancer cause - thank you for all you do for cancer fundraising - you are both very inspirational people.


Margaret And Arthur Wilkinson

Sorry we can't be there on the day. Hope it all goes well and you have a great morning as well as raising lots of money. 😘xx


Marg & Kevin Smith

A great cause. Congratulations Don & Marian for all your hard work fundraising.


Mick&ann Beard

Enjoy,can’t make Mick is going to skin Doctor.




Kirsty Stewart

Thanks for your continued dedication! Love from Carolyn’s wee sis xx


Olwen Parry

Congratulations Marian and Don on your 16th Annual Morning Tea. To the Awesome Duo - There are good ships and there are wood ships, the ones that sail the sea; but the best ships they are friendships and may that always be!


Casey Reid

Love you both so much, wish I could be there for the big day ❤️


Kelly Marsh

You certainly are an inspiration to us all in all the fundraising work that you do, helping others when you need so much help of your own. You are angels 🙏


Nancy Broad

Big love to you all


Kerry Anne

Hope this money helps in some small way to continue the fight against cancer . Don and Marian …. The both of you are such an inspiration.and legends on how to fight cancer and make a positive impact and difference to your lives and many others….so proud of you both 🥰❤️Xxx


Susan Yates

Strongest People I know



Love you both. Strongest people I know. X M


Susan Rogers

I attended one of your morning teas with Christine Long. It was a wonderful day 💜


Christine Long

Best of luck for this year’s fundraiser. You are both remarkable.



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