Supporter stories


You don’t have to be affected by cancer to attend or host a morning tea. I feel so great after doing it and I hope it encourages others to host as well.


It’s been 13 years, and Anna’s once again hosting her morning tea at work, to not only honour her family, but to give her colleagues a chance to support the people they know.


This is the 11th year Iman will be hosting Australia’s Biggest Morning at the primary school where she works as a library technician. Starting off small in 2007 by providing morning tea for staff, Iman now hosts alongside volunteers to cater for the whole school of about 550 staff and students.


A three time cancer survivor,  South Australian Nancy Murdock is nothing short of an inspiration.


“I tell everyone, ‘Don’t think twice, just do it."


After losing family members and a close friend to cancer, Louise wanted to do something about it. Here’s how she encouraged those within her community to rally together to support Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.


This is the 24th year Catherine will be popping on her apron. What started off as a small morning tea at home with a few girlfriends, has now grown into an annual event that hosts up to 300 people. 


“I was very fortunate I had a great support network when I had cancer.  I want to be able to help other people who aren’t as fortunate as I am.”


I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who supports the event. I hope that together, we will be able to fund research, as it’s so important. If we are able to help one person, then we’ve achieved what we set out to do.”