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2020 was a challenging year for people impacted by cancer, with support services in higher demand than ever and sadly, a massive decline in fundraising due to cancelled events. Despite this, our incredible morning tea hosts were able to raise over $2.8 million to help fund vital research and ensure people with cancer and their loved ones could access the support they needed. Thank you for making this possible!

Your impact | Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Every cuppa makes a difference

provides transport and a night's stay at a local Cancer Council Lodge for people who need to travel for vital cancer treatment.

helps provide training to leaders of cancer support groups so they can offer emotional and practical support to those impacted by cancer.

helps develop a blood test to monitor a patient’s individual response to cancer treatment.

*Services may vary between States and Territories

Where your money goes

Here are just a few examples of how the funds from your Biggest Morning Tea will make a difference to people impacted by cancer:

Research | Australia's Biggest Morning Tea


Investment in research has helped increase survival rates from 49% in the 1980s to 69% today.

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Support | Australia's Biggest Morning Tea


Around 150,000 Australians are diagnosed with cancer each year, meaning there are many families who need practical information and support

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Prevention | Australia's Biggest Morning Tea


Our supporters are helping Australians reduce their cancer risk by funding our world-leading prevention campaigns.

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