Top Tips.

How to make your BIGGEST morning tea a success

Your tea should be as fun and stress-free for you as it is for your guests, so here are some top tips to help you plan:

Start with a pinch of preparation...

First, decide if you’ll do a virtual morning tea or a small gathering at home. Make a list of what you need to do to get your invites out in plenty of time. We may have restricted social schedules right now but people are still busy! To make it easy, ask people to bake at home themselves or organise to have some baked goods delivered to their door.

Add a dash of inspiration...

It’s your chance to host your tea your way, so think up some fun activities or dream up a sweet theme. There’s plenty of fun things to do online with virtual meetings. Or be inspired by the games in your Host Kit and give everyone a laugh. People love a good time for a great cause, so do things they can get involved in.

Stir in a big dollop of delicious...

Whether it’s a full-on royal luncheon or a simple tray of scones, no morning tea is complete without tasty treats. Stuck for what to serve? You’ll find dozens of tried and true contenders on our recipes page. Ask everyone to try and bake something for their own household and share what they’ve made. Or if they just want to bring a biccie, that’s fine too.

A splash of decoration...

Nothing says ‘FUN’ like decorations. Get people to dress up so they look great on web cam or add some decorations to your room to share. You can also add video, music or graphics to your virtual event.

Spread the word!

Let your friends know Australia’s Biggest Morning tea is still on by sharing your event plan on social media. It will encourage others can create their own virtual morning teas and together we can raise funds for vital cancer research and support services. 


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